Women: Health and Intimacy Workshops

Maximize Interpersonal Intimacy With Your Spouse, Friends and Family

In this workshop series for women, Dr. Felice Dunas reveals the critical link between your health and your capacity to cultivate and experience intimacy.

Research documents the intrinsic correlations between a healthy body, mind and emotional state. Using skills that require minimal implementation and reap maximum results, Dr. Dunas gives you a powerful workshop experience and tools to continue on your own afterward. As you implement the content of these workshops you will note immediate benefits in your marriage, personal and professional lives.

The principles presented in this series will enhance the effectiveness and productivity of your life well into the future. With mastery of these powerful tools, your future can surpass even your highest expectations.

Program Highlights

  • Age-related health issues: medical and common sense remedies
  • How your body’s vitality level causes change in your attitudes and relationships
  • Energy-Boosting techniques
  • Skills to maximize interpersonal intimacy with spouse, friends and family
  • The Body-Mind Connection: how it works and how to make it work for you
  • The health and relationship benefits of sensual love for the 50+ Woman

Program Materials
Each workshop participant will receive a handout outlining basic concepts and activities, which can be used throughout the year to build upon techniques introduced in each Health and Intimacy session.

Each training session is 6-7 hours long.

Ongoing Education
Health and Intimacy is a multifaceted workshop series that addresses a variety of important health and behavioral concerns. All sessions educate about the correlations between physical, emotional and interpersonal health. You may choose up to four sessions.

Option #1: Older, Wiser, Better: Strategies for Aging Beautifully
Youthful attitudes and energy levels become increasingly important as we mature. In this session you will learn about the physiological causes of aging. Dr. Dunas will teach you how to use ancient wisdom and cutting edge research to win over your body’s natural tendencies. You will be provided with practical techniques for building stamina short term as well as easy-to-implement long term anti-aging protocols.

Option #2: Husbands: What Could He Have Been Thinking?
What happens to your marriage when your husband isn’t at the office anymore? Explore the life cycle changes that affect men’s health, attitudes and behaviors. Learn how to reinstate your husband as your best friend even if your life together has grown stale. Understanding his maturation process can make the golden years of your marriage rich with intimacy!

Option #3: Tending an Empty Nest and Other Life Transitions
During the golden years, children leave home, bodies change and our lives alter in shape and purpose. Yet these years can be our most wonderful. To live joyously we must cultivate skills for responding to change, loss, and life’s other significant transitions. Learn simple, time-tested strategies to make the transitions in your life easier on your health, and strengthening to your spirit and meaningful relationships.

Option #4 Enhancing Femininity and Sensuality
It’s never too late to raise the heat in your marriage. Doing so provides intimacy, pleasure and health benefits. Capitalize upon the anti-aging advantages of an active, intimate life and learn how to maximize closeness between you and your mate. In this session, Dr. Dunas explains the changes our bodies go through over time and teaches how to address them effectively.

Optional Experiential Components and Group Exercises:
You may elect to add one or more of the following experiential components to your program:

  • Visualization exercises: how your brain uses imagination to create reality through chemistry changes in your blood
  • Group acupuncture for relaxation and stress relief
  • Face and tongue “reading”- what your features say about your future, your health and your relationships
  • Experiencing how a doctor of Alternative medicine would interpret and asses the health of one or more workshop attendees.
Hire Felice Dunas to help you boost your energy and maximize intimacy with your spouse.