Great Romance for a Lifetime

Success Skills to Help You Love One Another Forever

While we all have high hopes for love, few people, even those who consider themselves well married, are able to maintain pleasurable levels of romantic love throughout their lifetimes. Why? Because romance is an experience that requires the use of specific expertise and most of us are not sufficiently trained. Success in all areas of life depends upon skill. Romantic love is no exception. Romantic relationships that work well require skills, not luck or magic.

In “Great Romance for a Lifetime,” Dr. Dunas will teach you essential skills for the development and maintenance of romantic love. The fusion of scientific research and ancient teachings in this presentation will help you access the untapped value interpersonal intimacy can bring to your life. With minimal effort your love relationship can achieve maximum benefit. The take-home value from this presentation will be positive and immediate – no matter the duration of your marriage.

Benefits of this presentation include:

  • Developing romance-cultivating skills that will quickly and easily enhance your marriage into your golden years
  • Discovering the health and anti-aging advantages of a successful romantic life
  • Achieving a happier and more rewarding marriage than you ever thought possible!
Hire Dr. Dunas to help you cultivate your romantic love skills.