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How Dr. Dunas Can Help You

In her 40  years of medical practice, Dr. Dunas has gained a depth of experience which she uses to support people in changing the health of their bodies and relationships.  She does this through creating personalized plans to educate and assist clients in moving from where they are today, to creating the physical, romantic and sexual health that they desire.

Seminars and Workshops

Felice Dunas, Ph.D. has lectured in nearly 70 countries around the world. She offers customizable classes, lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from sexual secrets to acupuncture and alternative medicine. Felice’s classes are designed to inspire, educate and provide insight on subjects that are vital to rich and healthy living.

She teaches audiences the skills to live with more grace, ease, effectiveness, and speed. Following a presentation by Dr. Dunas, many past audience members have reported feeling  relieved and inspired, knowing that there are options and solutions they had not previously known existed.

Presentation topics include:


Aspects of Health

From Felice’s unique perspective, there are six main aspects of health that are all intertwined. Living a balanced and optimally joyous and successful life involves all of them. All six aspects are naturally connected, and by understanding how they are all linked together you can maximize your potential for change and growth with less effort.

Everything Felice does is about not only optimizing the area of your life that is apparently disturbed, but also working with and healing the other troubled areas that you might not be taking care of or even recognizing. She can help you create and maintain a positive cycle for an optimal life by defining and solving problems in each of these six areas:


Personal Consulting and Executive Coaching Services

Felice has spent 18 years working as a highly rated educator and coach for corporate and medical executives. As a personal development educator, she specializes in helping high-level executives maintain health and balance through personal lifestyle modification, marital skill development and alternative medicine. She also assists leaders in cultivating the self-awareness necessary to implement an effective and authentic leadership style.

She will work with you one-on-one in ongoing private consultations to help you improve your life and health by giving you roadmaps to resolutions. She communicates and comforts you with expertise and professionalism as well as candor and straightforwardness. She helps you take very complex situations and simplify them into something organized and practical. Felice creates the safety that you need to address in very intimate areas of your life. Contact Felice to find out more about how she can improve your life with her consulting and coaching services.

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